National Pet Center of Cranston - 726 Reservoir Avenue - Cranston, RI  02910 Phone: (401) 943-7775

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most commonly asked questions at National Pet Center of Cranston


Did you know:

Cats purr at the same frequency as a diesel engine

Cats see better than dogs

Domestic cats can sprint at 31 mph

Cats can judge within 3 inches of a noise a yard away

Feral cats may only live 3 years a indoor cat can live on average 16 years and some up to 34 years



Q. How much food do I feed my (dog or cat?)

A. always feed according to the feeding guidelines based upon weight and age remember in most cases these are for the day not per feeding


Q. Do frogs bite?

A. well i suppose but never lick them


Q. Should I remove my bird from it's cage while cleaning?

A. always use approved cleaning products and it is always safer when doing a through cleaning to remove the bird.  You may like bubble baths but they do not.